Using a Telescope

Many people still share a great wonder at the stars that are visible to the eye at night. There is even greater awe felt when people use a telescope to view the night sky and get an up close look at some of the amazing stars that are sprinkled across the sky. On a clear night, there are literally millions of stars that can be seen through a telescope, far more than can be seen with the naked eye.

Most people enjoy viewing the sky through a backyard telescope, of which there are many different varieties as well as many different price ranges. There are some very elaborate telescope sets that can be purchased for personal use. There are also some that are very inexpensive for younger children to be able to use without the fear of breaking them. The wonders of the night sky are a glorious sight, regardless of your age or how many times you may have looked in the past. There is always something new.

The Making of the Telescope

Since its invention, the telescope has become a very important tool in the study of space. As telescopes grow more sophisticated, they are capable of seeing further and further into space. In the beginning however, the telescope was a simple tube and a few mirrors. Today, the telescope still resembles a simple tube and still contains a mirror or two. However, the magnification that is available and the method used to achieve it are very much changed.

Telescopes continue to present a variety of challenges as well as plenty of information to scientists and students alike. One does not have to be studying astrology or astronomy to appreciate a view of the sky on a clear, dark night. In some areas, planets are clearly visible with the naked eye. In other areas, a telescope must be used to get a good look at planets or even for a close up view of the moon.

Changes in technology offer many advances to space study and the telescope. Larger telescopes have been built for use in space viewing stations to peer deeply into space, hoping to catch a glimpse of an undiscovered star system or planet. While technology continues to evolve, providing the ability to take close up pictures of things in space from earth using a telescope, the wonder of a small child viewing the stars through a telescope never seems to change.

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